Order of the Sable Axe

HERALD: Avacal’s fighters are known and feared throughout the Known World, and the ferocity and skill of our warriors is fabled among the Laurel Kingdoms. Those gifted fighters are granted the rank of the Sable Axe, and the Crown of Avacal sees fit to honour another whose excellence and chivalry in pursuit and practice of excellence has been proven in the epics and in the battlefield.

KING: (Here the King shall speak of the accomplishments of the new member without mentioning the name of the Candidate.)

KING: Herald, call forth the Candidate.

HERALD: ___________________, His Majesty requires your presence here.
(When the candidate has knelt before the throne:)

KING: _________________, your skills in the epics and upon the war field have not gone unnotice in Avacal and beyond. It is Our wish that you be entered into the rolls of the Order of the Sable Axe. Will you accept this honor from our hands?
(Upon an affirmative answer, the Herald shall read the scroll (if one has been prepared, or may read the following proclamation:)
(The herald shall exhort cheers.)