Roster of Heralds in Avacal

No matter what kind of heraldry you are interested in it, the Avacal College of Heralds has someone who can help. Look at our roster below to find someone local to you, or someone who specializes in the name you want, or someone who can teach your more about creating a device.

Kingdom Herald and Deputies
Sanguinaris Herald (Kingdom Herald) Beothuk of the Beothuks
Kingdom Deputy Herald Fáelán Ó Dálaigh
Submissions Herald Arwyn of Leicester
Protocol Herald Sadb Jofreysdottir
Voice/Event Herald Alric the Indecisive
Order of Precedence Herald Daniel the Broc
Education Herald Fáelán Ó Dálaigh
Silent Herald Vacant - Interested?
Web Herald Munisa bint Ibrahim ibn Abd al-Masih
Royal Herald Eirikr Kvigrsson

Branch Heralds
Shire of Bitter End Vacant - Contact Branch Seneschal for information.
Shire of Bordergate Vacant - Contact Branch Seneschal for information.
Barony of Borealis Johannes Köslin
Barony of Montengarde Wilma the Still
Barony of Myrgan Wood Amee Martin
Shire of Sigelhundas Alen Bendbow
Shire of Valley Wold Lucia Magna
Shire of Vinjar Kazemeriz the Quiet

Rowyn the Bard Shire of Bordergate
Peter von Setzingen Barony of Montengarde
Mordecai Salzer Barony of Montengarde