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This is the site of the Roll of Arms for the Kingdom of Avacal. The Kingdom is made up of the following branches: Shire of Bitter End, Shire of Bordergate, Barony of Borealis, Barony of Montengarde, Barony of Myrgan Wood, Shire of Rhuddglyn, Shire of Sigelhundas, Shire of Valley Wold, and Shire of Vinjar.

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Variant displays
posted by: Daniel the Broc on 2017-07-06
So some may have noticed that I've drawn some entries into the roll on different shapes. The most recent and notable example is Sir Angar's (http://heraldry.avacal.org/rollofarms/display.php?id=2702) but there are some others sprinkled hither and yon. \n Despite the fact that the actual form uses the standard estucteon (Heater) shape, that's just an administrative thing to make the actual process easier. You do not -have- to display it like that. Any simple geometric shape is considered "Fair game for heraldic display", because that is how it was done in period. A Lord may have a giant shield hanging above his door-way with his arms, but it was extremely common to repeat his arms on things like square glass panes in the window, lozenge tile-work (especially for Women who were armigers in Thier Own Right) and on their fancy dinnerware (extremely late and post period) If anyone wishes that their entry in the online roll be done in a different geomtic shape than the standard heater, please contact me op@avacal.org with that request and I'll try to accommodate it as best I can.
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The Roll of Arms is fixed! Thank you for your patience. If you find any issues, please email webherald@avacal.org.
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Random Arms
Random Arms

Orielle de Honfleur
Blazon:Ermine, a saltire azure, overall a legless oriole displayed, wings inverted, head to sinister, gules.

Rhuddglyn, Shire of
Random Arms

Blazon:Per chevron inverted argent and gules, on a flame azure a flame Or, all within a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Notes: Dormant