Unto the People of Avacal

Avacal - Together We Conquer

I have served this great Kingdom for the last four years as its Principal Herald, known as the Sanguinaris Herald, I have worked with an amazing team that has grown since the founding of the Kingdom. Now the time has come for me to pass the torch to HE Sadb (Vicki Feyrer-Foster) who has been chosen by their Majesties to carry on this great office. Please join me in congratulating her in taking on this mantle.

Thank you Avacal for all for the amazing submissions from our clients, and to all the dedicated members of the college, you have made this such a worthwhile journey, and I was grateful to have had a role in the process.

Baron Beothuk

Greetings Unto the College of Heralds and Populace of the Kingdom of Avacal

It is with heartfelt joy that I can serve the College of Heralds and the Kingdom of Avacal as your new Sanguinaris Herald. We have seen some positive changes within the College of Heralds, and I hope to continue that growth during my tenure.

As my predecessor announced, I encourage everyone to work on any submissions returned since June 2015, when we became a Kingdom, and submit them to our Submission Herald with no fee. We will continue this practice until (at least) December 2021. Please reach out to me, any of your local heralds or post on our Facebook group, Avacal Herald Community (unofficial)

You will see that our website will continue to be updated with the Order of Precedence, Roll of Registered Arms. In addition, you will start seeing more added like the generic Avacal Ceremonial, more resources for heralds and those interested in heraldry.

The College of Heralds is proud to announce that you now can add to your Order of Precedence the phonetic pronunciation of your SCA name AND your preferred pronouns and SCA title!!

For an example of this, please look at: my OP here or a look at Arwyn's OP here

To submit your phonetic pronunciation and your preferred pronouns, please send an e-mail to the Order of Precedence Herald, Marian Hoskyns, at op@avacal.org.

Now that events may start up again, it will be good to see the pageantry that makes our events so beautiful! I have seen some of the fantastic work you all have been working on these past 18 months, and I look forward to seeing them displayed!!

If you or someone you know is interested in any aspect of Heraldry, please feel free to contact me or any of the heralds you see on our roster. What does Heraldry include? Names and device consultation, Royal Court, Voice Heraldry (court and tournament), Town Crier, Heraldic Display (banners, etc.), and anything else we use to do in the SCA has some heraldry associated with it. Ask questions!! Your interest in heraldry is our passion!

Yours always in Service,

Viscountess Sadb Jófresdóttir, OL, OP
Sanguinaris Herald
Kingdom of Avacal

Avacal: Together We Conquer!!