Order of the Red Horse

HERALD: The path to honour and service may take many forms for those of noble birth. One of this forms is the practice, study and teaching of the equestrian arts. Those who bring honour and glory to this Kingdom by skilled horsemanship are worthy of reward. The Order of the Red Horse was established to recognize those whose skill in this field is worthy of renown.

KING: (Here the King shall speak of the accomplishments of the new member without mentioning the name of the Candidate.)

KING: Herald, call forth the Candidate.

HERALD: ___________________, His Majesty requires your presence here.
(When the candidate has knelt before the throne:)

KING: _________________, mindful of your prowess in the equestrian courses we are minded to admit you into the Order of the Red Horse. Will you pledge to continue your endeavours in the equestrian arts, and to offer Us your advice and counsel on all matters related to art from this day henceforth?
(Upon an affirmative answer, the Herald shall read the scroll (if one has been prepared, or may read the following proclamation:)

HERALD: We, ____________and ________________, who sit the Griffin Thrones, have upon this ____________day of ___________, Anno Societatis _________ entered ______________ into the Order of the Red Horse.

KING: So say we, ______________________ King of Avacal.

QUEEN: And so say we, _______________________, Queen of Avacal.
(The herald shall exhort cheers.)