Order of the Argent Flame

(At the Crown's command the herald will call forward the candidate(s):)

HERALD: _______________, come before Their Majesties.
(The candidate(s) kneeling, Their Majesties may wish to inform the court of the accomplishments which have occasioned the award. The herald shall read the scroll text, or)

HERALD: Let it be proclaimed to all the Knowne World, that We, _______________, King by right of arms, and _______________, by inspiration and grace Queen, well-pleased with the efforts and skills in the Arts and Sciences of Our subject _______________, do here admit him/her into the Order of the Argent Flame, and also give unto him/her the right to wear upon his person the Symbol of the Order. Further We do Grant unto him/her the right to display arms and a crest, and also to show a ribbon and pendant therefrom the badge of this Order.
(And then ask the following:)

HERALD: Are you willing to accept membership in this Order?


HERALD: Henceforth let _______________ be known as a member of the Right Noble Order of the Argent Flame with all the rights and responsibilities granted by the King and Queen of Avacal.
(While Their Majesties congratulate the recipient the herald shall exhort the cheers of the people.)