Oath of Fealty (Champions of Avacal)

Herald: Champions of Avacal, present yourselves before your rightful King and Queen.
(Pause to allow Champion to come forth)

Herald: Do you know swear fealty to _____________ and _____________, your undoubted King and Queen, that you will support and defend them and Avacal from all harm or strife so long as Their Majesties remain King and Queen of Avacal?

Champions: I so swear

King or Queen: And we for our part do swear that we shall do all in our power to protect and defend you and to serve our lands, so long as we remain King and Queen of Avacal.

King: So say we, _____________Rex Avacal.

Queen: So say we, _____________ Regina Avacal.

King or Queen: Champions of Avacal take your rightful place in our court.