Invocation of the Champion of Rapier Tournament

Herald: Let all who would compete for the title of Avacal Champion of Rapier, come forward now before their Majesties.
(The contestants do a procession before their Majesties each being introduced with their inspiration.)

Herald: Today you enter the Lists to vie for the honour of being named the Avacal Champion of Rapier. Attend now the words of the Crown.
(The King and Queen give an inspirational speech to the competitors which outline the responsibility of the Champion's position. At the end the competitors are directed to attend the Herald for the charge.)

Herald: Do each of you now swear that should you be given victory that you will fulfill the obligations of the Avacal Champion of Rapier, and that you will abide by the laws of this Kingdom, and that you will bear yourself, now and in the future, with the honour and skill, virtue and loyalty which must mark the Avacal Champion of Rapier?

Competitors: I so swear.

Herald: Then bear yourselves bravely in competition and strive with honour to the greater glory of the Crown and the Kingdom of Avacal.