Investiture of the Crown Prince and Princess of Avacal

(Don't forget to have the coronets ready and chairs available for the Crown Prince and Princess and Silver Griffins before starting)

Herald: Come forward, _______, victorious in the Lists this day and with you, ___________, who has so, inspired their champion to vic-tory.
(They come forward)

Herald: May it please your Majesties; _______, has by their valour and skill, most nobly advanced the honour of their consort, _______, and has been victorious in the Crown Lists of Avacal. They do now come before your Majesties to claim the honour which is their due.
(King and Queen take the coronets and rise)

King: ________, mindful of your prowess in the Lists, and ________, seeing the grace with which you have inspired your champi-on to victory, in accordance with the laws and customs of Avacal, We name you Heirs of Avacal.
(King and Queen place coronets upon heads of the Heirs)

Queen: Wear these coronets as Our successors to the thrones of Avacal in all honour and glory.
(If an oath of fealty is to be done, then it would be done here)

Herald: Do you now swear fealty to ________ and ________, your undoubted King and Queen, that you will support and defend them in your hearts and in your homes and that you will obey them in all lawful and just commands in all matters that concern this realm, and that as our heirs, you will prepare yourselves until such time that you become King and Queen of Avacal?

Heirs: I so swear

King or Queen: And we for our part do swear that we shall do all in our power to protect and defend you, and to help you prepare to re-ceive the crowns, until such time as you inherit the thrones of Avacal so long as we remain King and Queen of Avacal.

King: So say We ________, King of Avacal

Queen: So say We ________, Queen of Avacal.
(This will be were any extra handing out of regalia happens when we get some)

King or Queen: And now, as is proper, come and sit beside us in the place of honour.

Herald: Three cheers for the new Heirs of Avacal