Investiture of a Duke or Duchess

(This ceremony may be done for a Duke and Duchess at the same time, or it may be done per individual.)

Herald: May it please your Majesties, your loyal subject _______________, with skill and grace has twice achieved the rank of King and has descended from the throne. Therefore, he/she has earned the rank and title of Duke/Duchess. They now make bold to approach your Majesties and receive from your hand this Royal accolade and be invested with the privileges and rank of this high estate.

King or Queen: Call them forth.

Herald: Would Count/ Countess _____________please present themselves before their Majesties of Avacal?
(Pause to allow the person to come forth)

Herald: Let all other nobles come forth and witness this accolade.

King or Queen: Have words for the person.

Herald: All good gentles present hear and bear witness to these words from __________ and __________, King and Queen of Avacal. ____________, having twice shouldered the burden of the crown and having twice sat as King/Queen, do you now deserve rank and recognition. Henceforth, you may stile yourself here and abroad as Duke/Duchess ___________and carry with this title all privileges and rights associated with this noble estate. To this proclamation do we set our hand and seal on this ______ day of _________ Anno Societatis ____________.
(They new Duke/Duchess has the option of dubbed with the sword here. If this is the case, a sword is brout forth and the following can be said)

King or Queen: Duke _____________, it pleases Us greatly that you receive this accolade from our hand.

Duke/Duchess: Affirmative response
(If present, the Ducal cornet is brought forth)

King or Queen: Be henceforth Duke/Duchess __________ in our Kingdom and all others and wear this coronet as a token of this rank.

Herald: At this time, do you wish to swear fealty to the Majesties?

Duke/ Duchess: Affirmative response

Herald: Do you now swear fealty to their Majesties of Avacal, King ________ and Queen ________. That you will support and defend them in your hearts and in your homes and that you will obey them in all lawful and just commands in all matters that concern this realm, so long as they remain Royal Sovereigns of Avacal?

Duke/Duchess: I so swear.

King or Queen: And we for our part do swear that we shall do all in our power to protect and defend you and to rule justly, so long as we remain King and Queen of Avacal.

King: So say we, _____________ Rex Avacal.

Queen: So say we, ____________ Regina Avacal.