Creation of a Master at Arms

(At the King's command, the herald shall call forward the Order of Chivalry:)
HERALD: Let the Knights and Masters-at-arms now come before Their Majesties.
(After they have gathered, the herald shall call forward the candidate, who will kneel before the King.)

KING: _______________, well-pleased with your prowess upon the field, and right mindful of the desires of your peers, We are minded to create you a Knight. Will you accept this honor from Us, and swear fealty to the Crown of the Kingdom of Avacal?
(If you candidate is unwilling or unable to swear fealty, then he shall say:)

CANDIDATE: No, your Majesty, I unable.

KING: Will you then accept the title of Master-at-Arms in token of your ability and prowess upon the field?

CANDIDATE: Yes, Your Majesty.

HERALD: Are you bound in fealty to another?
(If so, call the other person forward and have them release the candidate.)

KING: Will you swear to uphold the rights and responsibilities attendant upon the title of Master-at-Arms?


KING: Do you, _______________, swear to continue to conduct yourself as you most surely have until now, as an exemplar of chivalry and honor, both on and off the field of combat, to increase your labors to the benefit of the realm, and to seek to disseminate your skills and talents throughout the Kingdoms of the Knowne World, training others in the ways of Chivalry, as far as is in your powers?


KING: By what name do you wish to be made a Master-at-Arms? [________]

QUEEN: Bring forth the Baldric.
(If there is history attached to the Baldric, it may be shared at this time. The inspiration of the new Master, may be called forward at this time and assist the Queen in fastening the Master’s Baldric. And the Queen shall fasten the white Master's Baldric across his right shoulder.)

(As the Chivalry greets their brother, the herald will exhort the cheers of the populace.)