Creation of a Group:
Shire College or Stronghold

Herald: The incipient (Type of Group) of ________________________ has a request of their Majesties of Avacal. People of ________________, present yourselves before your King and Queen.
(Representatives come forth. They should be carrying a banner with the group’s device.)

Group Representative: Your Majesties, we the people of the Incipient (Type of Group) of ________________ would tell you of our history and our deeds.
(Here the representative shall tell present the history of the group and any accomplishments of the group.)

Group Representative: Your Majesties, do you or any your officers have any further requirements for our (Type of Group) before we request of you to grant us full status as a (Type of Group)of Avacal.

King or Queen: __________, as our Kingdom Seneschal, we would hear your council on this matter.
(Their Majesties and the Seneschal shall discuss the matter and the Seneschal should give their approval if all criteria have been met. The Seneschal shall speak for all the other officers.)

King or Queen: Do any others have words for us before we go forth.
(Wait for other to add their words to the proceeding.)

King or Queen: And We have no further requirements for you to fulfil.

Herald: People of ____________, what would you ask of their Majesties?

Group Representative: Your Majesties, we the people of ____________, having met all the requirements that have been set forth before us petition you, our Rightful King and Queen, to recognize _____________ as a (Type of Group) of the Kingdom of Avacal.

King or Queen: We hear your petition. Name for us those officers you would have guide the group as you go forth.
(The representative shall name the officers of the group.)

King or Queen: Hear now the proclamation of our Herald.

Herald: We, _____________and ______________, King and Queen of Avacal, are pleased with the reports of our officers of the deeds of our populace in the incipient (Type of Group)of ___________. Thus by our rights as Sovereigns of the lands of Avacal, and by the witness of our officers and those people here present, grant the people of ____________ the privileges and rights of a fully fledged branch. Bear these arms, _______________ (Branch’s device blazon) and know that your officers are Our representatives in this Kingdom. We charge you to strive for greater pursuits in all efforts martial and gentle and for you to continue to show the courteous and courageous nature of our people of Avacal. To this we set Our hand and seal on this ________day of ______ Anno Societatis _________. ________ and _________, King and Queen of Avacal.

Herald: People of the (Type of Group) of ___________________ come forth to swear fealty to their Majesties of Avacal.

Herald: Do you now swear fealty to their Majesties of Avacal, King ________ and Queen ________. That you will foster all activities both marshal and gentle. That you and your officers shall follow the laws of our kingdom and do all in their power to support your group’s populace. That you will support and defend the Sovereigns of Avacal in your hearts and in your homes and that you will obey them in all lawful and just commands in all matters that concern this realm, so long as they remain Royal Sovereigns of Avacal?

Populace: I so swear

King or Queen: And we for our part do swear that we shall do all in our power to protect and defend you and to rule justly, so long as we remain King and Queen of Avacal.

King: So say we, _____________Rex Avacal.

Queen: So say we, _____________ Regina Avacal.