Creation of a Barony

(At the Crown's command, the Herald will call forth the representatives of the incipient Barony:)
HERALD: Your Majesties, the seneschal and Shire of ____________ have a petition for your consideration.

KING: Let them come forward.

HERALD: People of the Shire of _______________, come before Their Majesties.
(The delegation, led by the Seneschal and the proposed Baron and Baroness, displaying the Shire banner, will approach the Thrones, bow and kneel. The Seneschal will then approach more closely and present the petition to the King and Queen.)

KING: Let the petition be read.
The HERALD will read the petition.
(The KING or Queen will then command the HERALD to announce Their Majesties' decision:)

HERALD: Their Majesties have received your petition and are well pleased. The excellence of your arts and sciences is well known, as are the prowess of your fighters and the skill of your craftsmen. Many fine events have been held within your borders. Your officers are capable and your people give their support. Therefore, as you have fulfilled all the requirements set forth in the laws and customs of this realm and of the Knowne World, it is Their Majesties' pleasure to grant you the status of Barony in our Kingdom of Avacal.
(If no charter has been prepared, skip to **)

KING or QUEEN: Has the charter been prepared?

HERALD: Yes, Your Majesty.

KING: Then let it be read so all may hear.
(The HERALD will read the charter. If it has not yet been signed, Their Majesties will sign it. They will then hand it to the SENESCHAL.)

KING or QUEEN: By Our hand, accept this Charter as Seneschal of the Barony of _______________.
(** If there has been no Charter prepared, the HERALD will read the following:)

HERALD: Attend all and know that We, _______________, by right of arms, King of Avacal, and _______________, by virtue and grace, Queen of Avacal, do here set Our hands in Letters Patent. Whereas the Shire of _______________ has long supported the Crown of Avacal and enriched Our Realm, and Whereas the prowess of its warriors, the skill of its craftsmen, and the capability of its officers are well known, and Whereas the people have made known their desire and support for _______________to become a Barony, Therefore, do We proclaim that _______________ is a shire no more and shall take its rightful place among the Baronies of Avacal as the Barony of _______________. We have commanded our great seal to be set here and these words to be proclaimed throughout the Land this __________ day of __________, Anno Societatis __________, being __________ Gregorian. _______________, King of Avacal _______________, Queen of Avacal.
(The Crown shall then call for the proposed Baron and Baroness:)

KING: Is there a Lord and Lady from among you whom you would have serve as your Baron and Baroness?

SENESCHAL: There is, Your Majesty. We ask You to create _______________ and _______________ Baron and Baroness, to hold your lands, and sit in Your place among us as Your representatives.
(The proposed Baron and Baroness will approach the Thrones, bow and kneel.)

HERALD: _______________ and _______________, it is the wish of the people of _______________ that you serve as Baron and Baroness, and Their Majesties concur. Will you accept the title and responsibilities of this estate?

BARON and BARONESS: We will.
(If necessary, any releasing of fealty may be done at this point.

) HERALD: Right mindful that as the representatives of the Crown of Avacal in your Barony, do you understand that you will be responsible for the defense and well-being of this new Barony of Avacal?


CROWN: Let the scroll be read.
(The HERALD will read the Writ creating the new Baron and Baroness. But if no Writ is prepared, the HERALD may read the following)

HERALD: Attend Our words and know by these presents that We, _______________ and _______________, King and Queen of Avacal, in consideration for Our citizens of _______________, hereby create _______________ and _______________ Baron and Baroness of _______________. We charge them to stand in Our stead in all matters ceremonial and to comport themselves as is meet for nobles of Our fair land. Further, We charge them to be ever mindful of the well-being and prosperity of these Our citizens, their lands, and their chattels. To them We confer all rights, duties, obligations, and privileges appropriate to this baronial estate. With all here assembled as witness, We do set Our hands and seal on this __________ day of __________, Anno Societatis __________, being __________ Gregorian. _______________, King of Avacal _______________, Queen of Avacal.
(Placing the coronet on the new Baron's head, the King shall say:)

KING: I, _______________, King of Avacal, do now name you, _______________, Baron _______________, to stand in Our place in all matters ceremonial. Wear this coronet as symbol of your title and of the responsibility you bear.
(Placing the coronet on the new Baroness' head, the Queen says:)

QUEEN: I, _______________, Queen of Avacal, do now name you, _______________, Baroness _______________, to stand in Our place in all matters ceremonial. Wear this coronet as symbol of your title and of the responsibility you bear.

HERALD: Are you now prepared to swear fealty to Their Majesties?

(The CHAMPION will come forward with the SWORD OF STATE. The KING and QUEEN will lay their hands under it and the BARON and BARONESS will lay their hands over the hands of the King and Queen.)

HERALD: Do you now swear fealty for the Barony of _______________, to _______________ and _______________, your Liege Lord and Lady, that you will obey their lawful commands in all matters that concern this Realm, that you will uphold the Crown and Kingdom of Avacal, and mindful that the harmony of your Barony and of the Kingdom springs from your own deeds, that you will deal courteously with those of every degree so long as Their Majesties remain Sovereigns of Avacal?

BARON and BARONESS: I so swear.

KING: And We for Our part do swear to this Baron and Baroness of ___________________ and to their Barony, and their households, to protect and defend them with all Our power so long as We remain Sovereigns of Avacal. So say We, _______________, King of Avacal.

QUEEN: And so say We, _______________, Queen of Avacal.
(The BARON AND BARONESS will stand and face the populace.)

HERALD: Be it known to the people of Avacal that _______________ and _______________ will henceforth be known as Baron and Baroness of _______________.
(And as the new Barony takes their leave, the herald will exhort cheers.)