Court Baronetcy

Herald: Would _______________ please present themselves before Their Majesties.
At this time, The King or Queen will have words about the individual and why they are deserving of the honour. Their Majesties may decide to announce the title now, or wait for the Herald’s words. If there is no scroll for the Herald to read, use the following words:

Herald: Hear now the wishes of their Majesties of Avacal. We, __________Rex Avacal and __________Regina Avacal, exercise our rights and our prerogative to honour one who have pleased us and served us well with the title and estate of Baron/Baroness of the Kingdom of Avacal. Go henceforth Baron/Baroness __________ and take with you all the rights and privileges that come with this rank. This we proclaim on the _______day of _______Anno Societatis_______.

King: So say we, ___________ Rex Avacal

Queen: So say we, ____________Regina Avacal
If a Baronial coronet has been prepared, have it brought for and the King or Queen will place it on the individuals head.

King or Queen: Wear this coronet as a symbol of your new estate.

Herald: Three Cheers for the newest Baron/Baroness of Avacal.