Change of Kingdom Officer

(If outgoing officer is present and the Royalty wishes, then he is called forward.)
Herald: ________, (office position) of Avacal has business before this court.
(Outgoing Officer comes forward.)

Officer: Your Majesties, it is my wish to resign my office as ________ of Avacal.
(If there is regalia involved :)

Herald: As sign of your wish, return now the symbols of your office unto their Majesties.
(Regalia is handed over)

King or Queen: We thank you for your service to the Kingdom and People of Avacal
(Old officer leaves. Herald solicits cheers.)
(Start from here if outgoing officer is not present)

Herald: ________, present yourself before their Majesties.
(New officer comes and kneels.)

Herald: ________, their Majesties have chosen you to take up the office of (office position). Are you prepared to undertake the responsibilities of that office and swear an oath of Fealty to their Majesties?

Officer: I am

Herald: Do you now swear fealty to ________ and ________, your undoubted King and Queen, that you will faithfully discharge your office, dealing courteously with those of every degree and that you will obey them in all lawful and just commands in all matters that concern this realm, so long as Their Majesties remain King and Queen of Avacal?

New Officer: I so swear

King or Queen: And we for our part, do swear to this our (office position) and to those who serve under him/her, that we shall do all in our power to protect and defend you so long as we remain King and Queen of Avacal.

King: So say we, _____________Rex Avacal.

Queen: So say we, _____________ Regina Avacal.
(Again if there is regalia)

Queen: Then take from our hands the symbol(s) of your office.

King: Henceforth you are (office position) of the Kingdom of Avacal

Herald: For the new (office position) of Avacal a joyous noise.