Augmentation of Arms in Avacal

By Beothuk of the Beothucks

Congratulations! You have been granted an augmentation of arms from their Majesties. Now the question comes up… "What does that mean?"

Here are two explanations from the key handbooks used by the College of Heralds to assist with adding an augmentation to your device.

From the Administration Handbook, one of the documents that guides the College of Heralds (Society) -Registerable Items II.D.3:

3. Augmentation - An addition to a device given as an honor; both the augmented armory and the unaugmented armory are protected. While the right to an augmentation is given by a kingdom, the form of the augmentation and its suitability for use and registration with a specific device must be approved by the College of Arms. Individuals must demonstrate appropriate proof of entitlement to the augmentation as well as the right to use any restricted charges in the augmentation. The augmented and the unaugmented arms together count as only a single item for purposes of the registration limit; the augmentation is not registered independent of the arms to which it is added. Only the Personal Device can be augmented; badges may not be.

From the Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA) for name and armory registration:

A3.A.3. Augmentations of Honor: An augmentation is a mark of honor bestowed by the Crown that is added to an existing device. An augmentation may not be added to a badge. An augmentation may take many forms, including but not limited to a charged canton, a charged chief, charges in canton or chief, a charge associated with the Crown, or a charge associated with the individual receiving the honor.

While the right to an augmentation is bestowed by the Crown, its specific form must be determined through the normal registration process. Both the augmentation itself and the augmented device must follow the style rules and restrictions on charges. Because an augmentation adds complexity, augmented devices are often allowed to violate certain style rules, such as allowing charges on tertiary charges or a complexity count of greater than eight, as long as the identifiability of the design is maintained. However, they may not violate the rules on contrast. For example, the arms of a branch may not be granted as an augmentation, because they contain a laurel wreath, which cannot be registered to an individual.

An augmentation that appears to be a display of independent armory, such as a charged canton or a single charged escutcheon, must also be evaluated as if the augmentation itself were a submission of independent armory for purposes of style, conflict, offense, and presumption. Kingdoms may designate a badge as a standard augmentation for its subjects who receive augmentations. Such a badge is considered to be grandfathered to the submitter and does not need to be further checked for style, conflict, offense, or presumption. However, it must maintain good contrast with the field or charge that it is on.

Examples of Augmentation
Augementation of Arms Example 1 Augementation of Arms Example 2 Augementation of Arms Example 3 Augementation of Arms Example 4 Augementation of Arms Example 5

What this means that you are allowed to add the Avacal populace badge to your registered arms and submit this to the SCA College of Arms. There are a few ways this can be done to augment your heraldry. You can add a canton in the top Corners. A Canton is an ordinary division of a shield occupying one third of the chief, it is smaller than a Quartering of a Shield.

Another option is to have the populace badge as a shield called an escutcheon.

I hope this helps you see some of the potential options. Remember this is to assist you in this process, but I hope you will consult with one of the member of the Avacal College of Heralds to help you with your submission if you choose to augment your arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a device (arms) yet, can I still have an augmented device?
Yes, once you have registered an unaugmented device. We in the Avacal CoH would love to assist you with choosing a device and will help you get it submitted to the SCA College of Heralds. Once that is done we will continue to work with you to apply an Augmentation.

Do I have to have registered or passed arms to add the Augmentation to?
Yes, your arms have to be passed before we can add the Augmentation. Contact the Avacal CoH and we will help you with this.

Can I use this Augmentation to avoid a device conflict?
No, as you need to have arms are registered before you augment a device; this will not work to get around a potential conflicting device.

Can I have multiple Augments on my personal device?
No. Only one may appear on your arms.

Can I do a different design as an Augmentation?
Yes. While the Crowns did suggest a form that it could take, and while it is an Honour to be granted an Augmentation in this way, Their Majesties, however well-meaning, can not enforce anything on your own personal arms. While it does merit consideration, there are designs that just can not accommodate the whole populace badge as described.

Do have to I let anyone know what I have decided to do with my device? And if yes, who?
Yes, you will need to register your augmented device. It is the same process you followed to get your arms passed. Your first step is to talk to a member of the College of Heralds and we will help you get it submitted.

Want to consult with one of our heralds about your augmentation? View our roster to find a herald in your area.

Ready to submit your augmented device? Download the forms you need from our Submissions page.