News and Updates.

posted by: Avacal Web Herald on 2016-04-25
The Roll of Arms is fixed! Thank you for your patience. If you find any issues, please email
Under Construction
posted by: Avacal Web Herald on 2016-04-04
Greetings Avacal! You may notice some errors around the site - we are aware of the issue and are in the process of fixing it. Please be patient with us! We hope to fix this as quickly as possible.
Under New Management
posted by: Daniel the Broc on 2015-06-06
As of June, I have taken over the ability to create and update this Roll of Arms. It is still a learning process, and while mistakes will be made, I am an expert at blaming others. If you have specific concerns, please raise them and I will tackle them as I am able. Daniel the Broc Op Herald, Avacal
Testing 1,2,3...
posted by: Frederic Badger on 2015-05-29
This is a test of the news posting system. This is only a test. If this were not a test, you would see some actual news here. It would interesting, and insightful and most importantly it would be NEWS! But it's not, this is only a test.
Welcome to the new Roll of Arms for Avacal!
posted by: Frederic Badger on 2015-05-19
Work has started on making a new Roll for Avacal, based on the current An Tir Roll.