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With the ongoing integration of the Roll of Arms and Order of Precedence for Avacal, we can now display a Roll of Arms for a branch of Avacal. The list includes Active members who have their home branch attributed to them in the OP, and a valid entry in the Roll of Arms. Any issues with the content of the Roll per branch should look at the OP to see if that is up to date, or correct.

Roll of Arms for

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Ademar Donadei di Pietro

Astrid Gunnulfsdottir

Brynj├│lfr Finnsson

Deicyn Moel

Edmund the Lame

Elison Sonderland

Elspeth Dubh inghean Dubhghaill

Kaeso Petronius Gallus

Kaeso Petronius Gallus

Philippa the Lollard

Richard Bentfinger

No registered arms attributed to a current active resident. If this is an error, check the OP.
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