Ancient Awards of the Principality of Avacal

Please note - these awards are now closed. Award recommendations for the retired Principality awards will not be accepted.

Red Gryphon of Avacal
Red Gryphon of Avacal (formerly Gryphon of Avacal) - Principality award for outstanding service in and outside of Avacal. This award recognizes individuals who do service year after year and who serve Avacal even beyond its borders, bringing glory to Avacal across the Known World.

Heart and Gryphon
Heart and Gryphon- For outstanding persona development.

Silver Lute
Silver Lute- For excellence in the performing arts, on the will of the Coronets.

White Claw
White Claw- For advancing the name of Avacal outside of the principality

Order of Fortitude
This award is given to individuals who excel in any of the martial arts (heavy, rapier, combat archery, target archery, or thrown weapons.

Golden Flame
For outstanding achievement in the Arts & Sciences.

Gilded Griffin
Given for outstanding service to the principality.

Gilded Feather
An award for the youth of Avacal

Silver Griffin
Given to the runner-up and their consort in the Avacal Coronet tournament. This Tradition continued becoming the Silver Griffin of Avacal for Crown Tournaments.

Princess' Knott
given for service to the Princess.

Prince's Favour
Token of favour given by the Prince.

Ancient Arms of the Principality of Avacal

For historical reference only, no longer in use.