Greetings from the Kingdom of Avacal's Sanguinaris Herald

Avacal - Together We Conquer

The impact heraldry has within the Society for Creative Anachronism is tremendous. We are able to affect the pageantry that makes our events so amazing. From royal courts to town crier, tournament voice heralding, or guiding someone towards their own unique name and armoury -- there is heraldry in everything we do in the SCA.

This is the new website for the Avacal College of Heralds (CoH). Within these pages you will find information on different areas of heraldry, including name and device education, submissions, the order of precedence, roll of registered arms, ceremonies, voice heraldry, and other resources for heralds and those interested in heraldry.

I am excited to be Sanguinaris Herald for the Kingdom of Avacal. We have experienced many positive changes in the CoH, and I hope our passion and proficiency will aid in the pageantry of Avacal.

We have built a team of qualified heralds across kingdom, with our clients as our main focus. We work to be visible in all areas of heraldry – court, name and device consultations, heraldic display and, new to Avacal, silent heraldry. As we continue to grow as a College we hope the populace of Avacal will be proud of what we bring to our new kingdom.

Please remember, this is a start. As time goes on you will see more information on our website, including articles written by members of our College. We ask you to be patient with us, and stay tuned to see what our College of Heralds has to share with the known world.

If you are interested in any aspect of heraldry, please feel free to contact myself or any of the heralds you see in our roster. Ask your questions - expect answers, even if we may need to search them out. Your interest in heraldry is our interest.

Yours in Service,

Master Beorhthanc Thuck (Beothuk)
Sanguinaris Herald
Kingdom of Avacal



Greetings Avacal,

To encourage ongoing heraldry during our isolation, the College of Heralds of Avacal wishes to adjust our requiremnt for resubmissions until the end of the year.

If you have had your sumission returned since we went Kingdom June 2015, then you may resubmit without any fees. We are also able to receive electronic resubmissions to Arwyn of Leicester.

Our Facebook group, Avacal Heraldic commnity (unofficial), is here to help out and look frward to your resubmissions. So please, let us help you with getting issues fixed, often it is easy solutions that our heralds can assist with.

Yours in Service,
Avacal Sanguinarius Herald