Browsing the Avacal Roll of Arms

This page shows the options for browsing all the arms in the roll of arms. There is also a search page if you're looking for a very specific entry in the Roll, whether by name or blazon. If there are other ways you'd like to browse the roll of arms, please feel free to drop me a line.

Browse by Branch - A new feature of the Roll, browsing by Avacal Branch location. This data comes from the OP and is based on the location last listed in the OP.

Browse by Letter - Browse the Roll by first letter of the first name. Useful if you know the approximate spelling of thier first name.

Browse by Date Added - Browse a paged display of arms by the order in which they have been added. Useful for seeing the latest additions to the Roll of Arms.

Browse the History - Browse the Roll as a reverse chronological list of arms as they were added to the Roll, and on what date they were added. Shows the history of the roll to the first entry and the most recently added Arms.

Browse the Awards - Browse through some of the Arms including Laurel, Chivalry, Pelican and the Grant Level awards of An Tir.