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With the ongoing integration of the Roll of Arms and Order of Precedence for Avacal, we can now display a Roll of Arms for a branch of Avacal. The list includes Active members who have their home branch attributed to them in the OP, and a valid entry in the Roll of Arms. Any issues with the content of the Roll per branch or if a member's entry is missing should look at the OP to see if that is up to date, or correct. Please email for changes.

Roll of Arms for

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Alessandra da Pavia

Ælfthryth the Amiable

Bronwyn Rowan Lascelles

Callum Mac Fergus

Christopher Gow

Edmund de la Haye

Evelyn atte Holye

Gertrude of Keith

Ippolita Giachetta d'Alessandria

Isabel Tamar Le Fort

Jacinda of Valley Wold

Jacinda of Valley Wold

Joanna Sparhawke

Katelijne de Korte

Loveday the Ribald

Lucia Magna

Mora of Lincolnshire

Richard Tallon

Robert of Caithness

Rouland Feret

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