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With the ongoing integration of the Roll of Arms and Order of Precedence for Avacal, we can now display a Roll of Arms for a branch of Avacal. The list includes Active members who have their home branch attributed to them in the OP, and a valid entry in the Roll of Arms. Any issues with the content of the Roll per branch or if a member's entry is missing should look at the OP to see if that is up to date, or correct. Please email for changes.

Roll of Arms for

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Agnes of Oslo

Amy Eliot

Bubba of Fettercairn

Conal Fitzalan

Douglas Cameron of Skye

Effym Cowie Murray

Finnr Bjarki

Francis MacLaren

Gabrielle of the Red Leaf

Magdalena Katerina Maria de Navarra

Margaret of Kingston on Thames

Maryan Hoskyns

Maunus Sataielkanpoika

Morris Kendrick

Munisa bint Ibrahim ibn Abd al-Masih

Orielle de Honfleur

Richard del Hauke

Sechen Dogshin

Sheila Eileen Natalia MacDougal of Perth

Wilhelm von Ulm

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