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Roll of Arms for Golden Flame

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A'isha bint Karim

Alyne of Kendal

Anabel Hastings

Brangwayn Hesson

Brangwyne de Langlee

Brynný Loðinsdóttir of Axewater

Caterina di Alessandro di Guglielmo Franceschi

Catherine of the Rowan Tree

Cennet o Llangollen

Cinara beguy urdina

Coryn of the Wode

Dýrfinna Wanderer

Durant Ramberti

Ellisif Snorradóttir

Gabrielle of the Red Leaf

Gaius Artorius Varus Lupus

Galiana Machiavelli

Gentle Dirk

Guillaine Rosalind de Gaulle

No registered arms attributed to a current active resident. If this is an error, check the OP.
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