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Roll of Arms for Jambe de Lion

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Adelheid Holzhauer

Adeline vom Schwarzwald

Alfreada of the Lake

Anabel Hastings

Æthelhere the Unsteady

Baldric of Newte Leez

Brangwayn Hesson

Brynný Loðinsdóttir of Axewater

Caitilín ingen ui Dálaig

Catherine of the Rowan Tree

Cedric van Kiesterzjil

Celine d'Avignon

Cinara beguy urdina

Coryn of the Wode

Darcy of Eagle's Crag

Dýrfinna Wanderer

Deicyn Moel

Deirdri of the Mist

Douglas Cameron of Skye

Durant Ramberti

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