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Award: Order of the Argent Flame (Kingdom of Avacal) [Branch web site]
Argent Flame recipients residing in
Bestowed by the Crown of Avacal to individuals who demonstrate a high level of skill and knowledge in at least one Arts and Sciences discipline; demonstrate a knowledge of period techniques; the ability to research and the willingness to teach Arts and Sciences related skills; knowledge of the courtly graces and obedience to the laws, traditions and ideals of Avacal and the Society; and is an example worthy of emulation. Companions of the Order may wear or display the badge "Quarterly argent and Or, on a lozenge gules a beacon argent, a bordure gules".
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Emily of Vinjar (Vinjar) (Avacal) Sep 19, 2015 (AS L)
2 John of Vinjar (Vinjar) (Avacal) Sep 19, 2015 (AS L)
3 Wynfryda of Lyn (Sigelhundas) (Avacal) Sep 26, 2015 (AS L)
4 Genevieve Dejardins (Sigelhundas) (Avacal) Oct 24, 2015 (AS L)
5 Drífa at lækjarmóti (Montengarde) (Avacal) Nov 7, 2015 (AS L)
6 Morrigan Clubfoot (Montengarde) (Avacal) Mar 19, 2016 (AS L)
7 Cadwyn Wright (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Apr 30, 2016 (AS L)
8 Isobel Black (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Apr 30, 2016 (AS L)
9 Una Henriksdotter (Montengarde) (Avacal) Aug 27, 2016 (AS LI)
10 Sorcha de Lenche (Montengarde) (Avacal) Aug 27, 2016 (AS LI)
11 Effym Cowie Murray (Bitter End) (Avacal) Sep 9, 2016 (AS LI)
12 Dorothye Bolton (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Oct 8, 2016 (AS LI)
13 Philippe de Saint-Denis (Borealis) (Avacal) Oct 15, 2016 (AS LI)
14 Alyne of Kendal (Borealis) (Avacal) Oct 15, 2016 (AS LI)
15 Brígiða Vadesbana (Montengarde) (Avacal) Nov 5, 2016 (AS LI)
16 Ellisif Snorradóttir (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jan 21, 2017 (AS LI)
17 Isabelle Buckells (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Mar 4, 2017 (AS LI)
18 Rosaline Hampton (Borealis) (Avacal) Apr 22, 2017 (AS LI)
19 Geoffrey Lawrence (Valley Wold) (Avacal) May 20, 2017 (AS LII)
20 Susan of Myrgan Wood (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) May 20, 2017 (AS LII)
21 Alice Percy (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jun 2, 2017 (AS LII)
22 Thora Volundsdottir (Bitter End) (Avacal) Jun 2, 2017 (AS LII)
23 Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jan 20, 2018 (AS LII)
24 Uli Adamsson (Borealis) (Avacal) Mar 24, 2018 (AS LII)
25 Arnsbjorn Tiernanson (Borealis) (Avacal) Apr 7, 2018 (AS LII)
26 Sigfuss Thorwulfsson (Montengarde) (Avacal) Jul 14, 2018 (AS LIII)
27 Cigale of Vinjar (Vinjar) (Avacal) Sep 22, 2018 (AS LIII)
28 Amelinne d'Yvry (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Oct 6, 2018 (AS LIII)
29 Robert of Ealdormere (Sigelhundas) (Avacal) Oct 20, 2018 (AS LIII)
30 Arjun Singh (Montengarde) (Avacal) Nov 3, 2018 (AS LIII)
31 Kvigr Ivarsson (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Nov 17, 2018 (AS LIII)