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Award: Order of the Sable Rapier (Kingdom of Avacal) [Branch web site]
Sable Rapier recipients residing in
Bestowed by the Crown of Avacal to individuals who demonstrate excellence in rapier combat within Avacal; a leadership role in rapier combat including a willingness to teach; demonstrate knowledge of courtly graces and obedience to the laws, traditions and ideals of Avacal and the Society; and is an example worthy of emulation. Companions of the Order may wear or display the badge " Quarterly argent and Or, a rapier endwise sinister sable, a bordure gules".
#Person (home branch)Awarding BranchDate
1 Beoaed O Dalaigh (Borealis) (Avacal) Nov 19, 2016 (AS LI)
2 Francis MacLaren (Bitter End) (Avacal) Feb 18, 2017 (AS LI)
3 Castra D'Or (Avacal) (Avacal) Mar 25, 2017 (AS LI)
4 Raffaello Della Rosa (Borealis) (Avacal) Mar 25, 2017 (AS LI)
5 Shamus van de Ponseele (Valley Wold) (Avacal) Apr 1, 2017 (AS LI)
6 Ansgar Stormbreaker (Borealis) (Avacal) May 13, 2017 (AS LII)
7 Samuel of Borealis (Borealis) (Avacal) Jun 2, 2017 (AS LII)
8 Tommaso Tiepolo (Borealis) (Avacal) Mar 3, 2018 (AS LII)
9 Gunther Rorikson (Myrgan Wood) (Avacal) Sep 1, 2018 (AS LIII)
10 Henry of Bohemia (Montengarde) (Avacal) Nov 3, 2018 (AS LIII)
11 Caiaphas, Durant Ramberti (Montengarde) (Avacal) Nov 16, 2019 (AS LIV)
12 Quinn of Borealis (Borealis) (Avacal) Dec 7, 2019 (AS LIV)